Goody Goody Gift Swap!

This Holiday season I joined in on the Goody Goody Gift Swap fun. It basically pairs creatives all across the country (and world!) and encourages handmade and thoughtful gifting. Its fun for social media because they ask you to hashtag #goodygoodygiftswap throughout the process -- from packaging to mailing to when you receive your fab gift in the mail!

I was paired with Becky from bybmg, who is a fab blogger in Iowa who covers a little bit of everything -- fashion -- cooking -- crafting -- you name it. Its been fun checking out her instagram and getting to know her. She is also pregnant with baby #3!

It was fun sending her some items I've been working on for 2015, and had a LOT of fun wrapping the gift. I also included a birchwood ornament for the tree with her instagram handle on the other side (not shown)

I was like a giddy little kid at Christmas when the package arrived from Becky! Though I did make myself stop and snap this pic before opening it.

Becky had so much adorably awesome items in her gift swap!  Some of them you can get in her etsy shop: bybmg (pssst: her shop is currently on Xmas break -- just like our etsy shop, so check back with them!) And how thoughtful was she to make this necklace (below) with my children's names stamped on the tags! (You can order those in her shop as well!) The soap was also handmade by Becky and it smells delicious.  I think she knew I was already obsessed with jamberry nails because she included a sample sheet! Everything was so great and again, I highly recommend you signing up for Goody Goody Gift Swap -- you can add your name to their mailing list and they will remind you about 2015 when the time comes!

Thank you again, Becky!! You are the best.