Passion to Paycheck (and keeping the Passion)

Had a lovely night with some great creative minds at Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) attending the "Passion to Paycheck" class hosted by Sofi of the South End shop Olives and Grace and Evy Chen founder of Evy Tea, the first Premium Cold Brewed Ice Tea bottled in the US (BOSTON, no less!).

To hear Sofi & Evy's stories and background were inspiring, as well as all the little day to day details that you don't hear about or really consider when deciding to go all in when starting a small business. Side note: so much love and work goes into a bottle of Evy Tea (Bostonians, you can find them in one of these stores) -- I tried the Vanilla Earl Grey Black Tea and it was awesome. And I loved hearing the passion and happiness in Sofi's voice when talking about Olives and Grace and how she appreciates the makers and her store is dedicated to giving them a voice. They were so great to talk with and bounce questions off of. 

The Bonus of the evening was meeting some new friends who are in the same boat I'm in starting a new business (or about to take the plunge). Especially in the wedding business, it sometimes feels a little overwhelming, thinking everyone already has their place and there's no room for the new girl. You just gotta keep putting yourself out there and focusing on keeping your passion alive. 

Some other attendees whose instagrams you should check out: @hauteinsouthie @ksgossel @scoopsights @runbimma

Olives and Grace is located at 623 Tremont St, Boston

PS. I highly recommend you try out a class at the BCAE (list is here), that place was jamming last night with so many classes going on! And was so shocked how easy it was to find a parking spot (if you know me you know that is a dealbreaker!)