2016 Word of the Year

There were so many fun posts about 'Word of the Year' last January (including DomestiKated's) we couldn't wait to think of something for 2016. Our word of the year is ILLUMINATE.  Really, it's only because SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND took up 4 words. But the meaning resonated with us, especially the 'to make clear and easier to understand' part. 2015 was complete chaos, we went in 5,000 different directions it seemed, and while we wouldn't have that any other way, it's exciting to figure out what direction we are going to go in 2016. And obviously, wherever we go, it will be "decorated with gold, silver and colored (hot pink) designs". ILLUMINATE. (we are going back to our 5th grade spelling bee days where you say the word at the end).